Services Offered

Surveillance Cameras Installation


We supply "Only " High Quality Systems, IP Cameras being the recommended choice to do with. Our IP Camera Systems, offer high-definition imaging and does so at a reasonable price, in fact at a significantly lower price than just a few years ago. 

Although there are a few proprietary HD analog options available today, with an IP camera, resolution is typically three times that of a typical analog camera, providing a new level of image detail.  Smarter camera integration across the system can deliver big cost savings and improve up-time and reliability of the system. 

Site Visit Service - TT$250.00

8 Camera "Installation Only" start from TT$4500.00 up. We try to complete installations in a period of one day. If it's a new home being constructed, the job will take place in about 3 - 4 different phases.

We also offer "DIY - Do It Yourself" HD 720p or 1080p analogue kits. This is where you as the customer, can purchase your system and install it by yourself. Prices start at TT$6500.00 up for these kits. 

Do rememeber when purchasing a camera system, you as the customer don't just want to see if something is happening, but you also want clarity so you can capture events in the clearest mode possible for playback. 

Our recommendation to you is to strive for the quality stuff. It may cost you now for reliability and efficiency, but you save less in the future.

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Laptops / Desktops / Netbooks


Our Laptops range from brands such as Dell, Alienware, Acer, Asus, Toshiba & HP. We try to bring forth the most up to date systems, with this in mind, our stocks are constantly changed and updated. In most cases if you order in the morning, you'll probably have your laptop in hand by the evening. 

Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we try our best to deliver on the same day upon ordering. We carry laptops for Basic, Intermediate  & Advanced use, at the most affordable prices. 

All laptops comes with a 6 Month Warranty. If you wish to get a full 1 Year Warranty there is an additional cost to it.

All items are brand new and comes in a sealed box.

Check out our systems  on out "Catalogue" page. Download to view.

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Tablets & Mobile Devices


In the past few years technology has drastically changed the way business is conducted. Not only has the internet empowered the consumer, but it has also given new powers to sales reps. Equipped with smartphones, tablets, and an arsenal of applications and software to interpret loads of data.

We carry quality brands such as Apple, Samsung, Dell, Asus, OnePlus, Motorola, Huawei. Contact Us Today with your inquiries.


Access is the primary benefit of mobile technology. 

Higher Efficiency

Whether you own a smartphone, tablet, computer or other technological contraption, you are using a device that has been designed to help you become more productive and efficient. 

Reduced Cost of Operations

At a glance, it could seem that the cost of expanding technologies may cause a deficit in the company’s expenses. However, the increased productivity can easily outweigh the minimal cost and effort it would take to implement a new technology.

Home & Office Networking


At E.S.L we offer both wired and wireless networking solutions. Whether it be for file and printer sharing, internet services, client & server architecture, design and implementation we can get the job done for you. These services are available for both home and small offices. Contact Us Today for a site visit or call us!

Site Visit Service - $250.00

Custom / Personalized KeyChains


This is one of our services which would seem to you as the customer as something out of the box, something different from IT, but guess what, it's something interesting! 

Ever thought about wanting a personalised keychain? It's only TT$35.00 Per Piece. Send us your artwork or whatever you wish to have placed in it and we will have it ready for you in no time.

It's also available in bulk quantity for businesses, promotional events, gift tokens or even advertising your business as well.

Prices As Follows

1 x Piece = TT$35.00

50 x Pieces = TT$30.00 Per Unit

100 x Pieces = TT$ 25.00 Per Unit

Note: Prices Do Not Go Lower Than What You See Advertised!

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We Buy! You Buy!....We Import It!


Customers often wonder how they can get an item which is not available at any store and ask the question "How am I going to get this item on hand, I do not have a credit card, I have never imported or purchased from online or any other part of the world.

Well the solution is right here, lets us find the product you desire and provide all the necessary information on it for you. Leave it to us at E.S.L, place your trust in us and we'll get it to your hands, in the most timely and efficient manner.

If you wish to bring in any item via E.S.L, you would be required to make a down payment of half of the actual cost of the item you wish to purchase. Full payment aka "COST OF ITEM"  is also accepted. When your item arrives here in Trinidad, the only other costs you pay will be the shipping costs together with Customs charges. Upon delivery or customer pickup this payment is to be made.

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